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i want kawaii

buy/sell/trade kawaii items here!

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welcome to i want kawaii!

this is a buy/sell/trade/want community. members can post what they are selling/trading/want and other members can respond & buy/trade/promote their items.

1. you may post 1 pic per post out side of a cut. for all other please use a cut tag.
2. NO AUCTIONS! all sales must be direct. no links to ebay. no links to etsy. no exscuses.
3. please state which payment methods you preffer, where u are shipping from, where u can ship to, all that info. if you have a link to a selling journal you must have all that info there.
4. please only post the same thing once a week. DO NOT SPAM.
5. you must leave feedback on the feedback entry for every transaction you do. even if u are leaving feedback @ the sellers journal, please also do it here.

when you are finished with a transaction please leave feedback for seller and buyer.
click here!

if you would like to be added to the list please message me with "add me to sellers list" as the title.